About Medisys Health

Healthcare Technology is evolving rapidly and we at Medisys are determined to leverage technology for radically improving the quality, affordability, and access to better sustainable healthcare services. Our global team of doctors and technologists has set the most stringent QA/ QC standards for our reference lab that enables us to provide accurate, reliable and consistent results from our reference lab which give doctors the quality of evidence they require to make critical healthcare decisions.

We strive to deploy our global experience, cutting edge technology platform and the skills/wisdom of our reputed doctors to help you to promote a healthy and fulfilling life, eventually helping to build a stronger India.

Our mission is to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare services to all. We aim to build a strong network of healthcare professionals who partner with us in providing these services. More specifically we aim to:

  • Evolve and continuously improve universal healthcare model on -
    • Availability by building a network
    • Accessibility or reach to people
    • Quality and required services
    • Affordability
  • Leverage state of the art technology to drive better patient outcome at our reference lab, improve accessibility, using mobility & tele-medicine, quality & service availability using InfoFlow EMR & analytics platform.
  • Social Commitment: provide a platform to mobilize/engage medical community (& professionals with intention to serve) to come forward and join hand with us in solving prevailing challenges in healthcare sector.